Configure AutoAttendant Prompt


Before entering the AutoAttendant prompt, the prompt needs to be successfully loaded to take effect.

Install AutoAttendant Prompt


Change Announcements

  1. Open the Prompt List
  2. Edit "AutoAttendantPrompt"
  3. Change Welcome or AudioFile
  4. Save


Explanation per field

In order to manage AutoAttendant, the following field could be filled in:

  • First Name - First name to search on
  • First Name (Filter) - T9 translation of First Name, generated by script
  • Last Name - Last name to search on
  • Last Name (Filter) - T9 translation of Last Name, generated by script
  • Department - Department is used to specify results (in case of multiple results)
  • Department (Filter) - T9 translation of Department, generated by script
  • SIP address / telephone number - Forward customer to this address after contact had been chosen.


Translate Text to T9

After adding a new contact or editing, the text needs to be translated to T9 format. This can be done by an script.

  1. Download the package
  2. Unzip package
  3. Fill in properties
    1. Site = URL or UCC site
    2. Username = User to connect to SharePoint
    3. Password = Password of User
  4. Open PowerShell as Administrator
  5. Run convertAutoAttendantItems.ps1


AutoAttendant Contacts Create/Edit/Remove

A Dial Codes can be created, edited or removed.

Warning Updates to the system are real-time; therefore wrong entries might cause malfunctions.