Install UrlSipUri plugin

Install the plugin

This installation manual describes the installation process of the UrlSipUri plugin integration.



The name of the plugin is “UrlSipUriPlugin”. The name of the main file is UrlSipUriPlugin.dll.

Configuring the plugin in the UCC config file

Add the bold section of the XML into the Config.xml of the UCC. After the config.xml is added a UCC restart is required.

<PluginsPath>C:\program files\anywhere365\plugins\</PluginsPath>

<UnifiedContactCenter Name="ucc_name">


<SettingsUrl>http://sharepoint_setting_site/ucc_name </SettingsUrl>

<CrmCRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and is a method/technology for managing your external interactions and relationships with customers. Integrate Anywhere365 with your CRM client to show customer information alongside your inbound and outbound interactions. path="UrlSipUri\" name="UrlSipUriPlugin">UrlSipUriPlugin.dll</Crm>

Note Please note that it is necessary to restart the UCC service in order for the UCC service to use the plugin.


SharePoint Settings

Please provide the following settings in the “Setting” list on SharePoint:

<Label1|Displayvalue1:{0}|http://XXXX?TELNR={0}><Label2| Displayvalue2|http://YYYY>

The brackets <> are used to give the difference between the different url link settings. Each url link setting consists of 3 parts, separated by the | sign. These 3 parts are:

  1. The label of the hyperlink field in the extension window,

  2. The display value of the hyperlink in the extension window.

  3. The url link that will be used in the hyperlink field in the extension window.

The zero between brackets in the url “{0}” will be replaced with the incoming phone number\ sip uri of the caller.


Automatically open contact url in Extension Window

To open the contact url in Extension Window if a call is accepted. The following setting needs to be added to the web.config of the Extension Window and configured to “true”.




<add key=”OpenContactUrl” value=”true” />