Install SalesForce plugin

Note This feature requires an additional plug-in. Please contact your Sales Contact to verify if a plug-in is purchased.


  • A SalesForce Service account with the following permission in SalesForce:
    • "API Enabled" Permissions

    • Read Contacts

    • Read Cased

    • (Optional) Read Leads


Installation of the plugin

  1. Log in on the server on which the UCC service is running.

  2. Go to the plug ins folder (‘DRIVE:\program files\anywhere365\plugins\'). If it doesn't exist, create it.

  3. Create a folder "Salesforce" for the plug ins folder.

  4. Copy the dlls and included config files from the plug in package to this folder.

    Note In case the folder is already created and the plug in is in use by the UCC, the UCC will have to be stopped (check if stopping of the UCC is allowed).

  5. Open file ‘Config.xml’ for editing purposes.

    Tip First make a backup of the file to prevent problems!

    6.3: C:\ProgramData\Anywhere365\Core\Service\UnifiedContactCenterService\Config.xml

    6.0: C:\Program Files\Anywhere365\Core\Config.xml

    5.0: C:\Program Files\UCC\Config.xml

  6. Add '<PluginsPath>DRIVE:\program files\anywhere365\</PluginsPath>' before the License.

    This new field should refer to the folder where all plug ins are stored.

    The top of the config.xml should contain:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    <config version="1.5">

    <PluginsPath>C:\program files\anywhere365\</PluginsPath>


  7. Add "Crm" value below ‘SettingsURL’ of the UCC.

    <Crm name="CrmPluginSalesforce" path="plugins\Salesforce\">Wsp.Anywhere365.Crm.Module.SalesForce.dll</Crm>

  8. Verify the path of plugin path with the Crm path.

  9. The UCC part in the config.xml should look like




    <Crm name="CrmPluginSalesforce" path="plugins\Salesforce\">Wsp.Anywhere365.Crm.Module.SalesForce.dll</Crm>


    Note Please note that it is necessary to restart the UCC service in order for the UCC service to use the plugin.


Configuring the UCC Share Point settings

  1. In your browser go the UCC SharePoint site.

  2. Click on ‘Settings’.

  3. Add setting ‘UseCRM’ with value 'True'.

  4. Add setting ‘UseStatistics’ with value 'True'.

  5. Add setting ‘CRMserver’ with value 'web address of SalesForce'.

  6. Add setting ‘CRMUsername’ with value 'email address of SalesForce service account'.

  7. Add setting ‘CRMPasswordEncrypted’ with value 'Encrypted password string'

    Note Please notice that it could be necessary to restart the UCC service in order for the UCC service to use the new settings.