Configure Dynamics 365 plugin

The Dynamics 365 plug in folder contains "Wsp.Anywhere365.CrmCRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and is a method/technology for managing your external interactions and relationships with customers. Integrate Anywhere365 with your CRM client to show customer information alongside your inbound and outbound interactions..Module.Dynamics365.dll.config", in here the plug in can be configured. Currently the plug in offers the following options




UseLeads ​​

true / false

The plugin will also retrieve leads besides contacts if this value is set to true.



 Determine which leads will be shown based on the status of the lead. For instance show only open leads and ignore allready qualified or disqualified leads.

Note Format "Open;Qualified;Disqualified" Please fill in the status names of a lead that needs to displayed. If this setting is not filled or is empty all statuses will be displayed.


true / false

If set to true, and the incoming phone number of a missed call was not recognized as belonging to a know contact or lead, create a new lead contact with the missed phone number. 


true / false

If set to true, and the phone number of a missed call was  recognized as belonging to a know contact or lead, a missed call activity will be created, linked to the record of the caller.


String of uccUCC stands for Unified Contact Center and consists of a queue that can be handled by Agents. Each UCC has its own settings, interactive voice response questions and Agents with specific skills. Agents can be member of, or sign up to, one or more UCCs. and subject name, format: ucc_name:subject;ucc_name2;subject2

If a valid ucc is configured, and a subject, the plugin will create a case if the configured UCC is called, and the caller will be linked to the case.


String containing the search options stored for contacts. The values are split by ; 

Search options for contacts displayed in the Extension Window.

Note Example format "All Results, ;First Name, firstname:;Last Name, lastname:;Zipcode, zipcode:"


String containing the search options stored for cases. The values are split by ; 

Search options for cases displayed in the Extension Window.

Note Example format "All Results, Default;Title, Subject;Description, description;Reference Number, ReferenceNumber"


String of display name and internal field name: display name 1:internal field name 1; display name 2:internal field name 2; etc... example: Address:address1_line1;City:address1_city;Zipcode:address1_postalcode

In case of multiple contacts, the contact details section left below will show these fields. The display name is the name shown in the Extension Window. The internal field name is the name of the field in the CRM Dynamics back-end.

Note Example format "Email;Telephone;Street;Zipcode;City"


String of field names String of display name and internal field name: display name 1:internal field name 1; display name 2:internal field name 2; etc... example: Address:address1_line1;City:address1_city;Zipcode:address1_postalcode​

Additional fields for a selected contact that should be shown in the Extension Window besides the default fields. The display name is the name shown in the Extension Window. The internal field name is the name of the field in the CRM Dynamics back-end.

Note Example format "Address:address1_line1;City:address1_city;Zipcode:address1_postalcode;"


true / false

If set to true, create a phone call activity for phone calls handled by an agent. If possible it will link the customer record and the agent if the agent is identified as a user. The call direction (inbound or outbound) is also stored.


true / false

Write the web chat transcript to an activity. If possible store information like the agent and the contact in the activity.



The default path to the Organization Service which is used to connect to Dynamics. This will normally not change.



The maximum amount of contacts that can be retrieved by a search. 



​The maximum amount of cases that can be retrieved by a search.​


true / false

If set to true, only active contacts will be selected.


String of field names

No longer supported


true / false

If set to true, and  the UCC is configured to translate an audio conversation, the translation will be added to the CRM activity.


String, either “default” or “statecode” or "statuscode"

The CaseStatusType setting determines which status will be displayed in the Extension window. 3 types are supported:statecode, statuscode and default.    The statecode shows info Active, Resolved, Canceled. The statuscode shows more detailed information like in progress, on hold, Waiting for details etc. The default only shows if a case is open or not


; separated list of phonenumber patters e.g. +[country_code][national_number]{0,1}[national_number]{1}

Add supported phone number formats. This options make queries more efficient, and less resource consuming (equals search instead of wildcard search with multiple wild cards)


​String of desired separator. For example: “ - ”.

​If a contact is identified the Skype For BusinessSkype for Business is an enterprise software from Microsoft and provides users with instant messaging, online meetings, availabillity information, and audio and video calling. It requires a Skype for Business Server. The Anywhere365 application server is added to the Skype for Business Typology as Trusted Application Server. toastA toast is a Skype for Business instant message notification the user receives on his desktop. will normally show CRM info in format:   contact name 'separator' account name. This setting determines which separator wil be used.


true / false

If set to true and CreatePhoneCallAcitvity is set to true, the plugin will retrieve the hyperlink to the audio call recording from the UCC and store the recording in the phone call activity of the conversation.


Internal field name of field in Dynamics Phone Call Activity

This setting is related to setting SaveRecordingUrlToPhoneCallActivity. It contains the internal field name of the field that will be used to store the url link to the audio conversation. Normally this will be a custom hyperlink field in Crm Dynamics.


The Dynamics appId that will be embedded in the url links if this setting is filled in. For example: cc7aac7b-3263-49d1-a397-7103cc533a6c

The App Id is embedded in the Dynamics hyperlinks. This indicates that the Dynamics hyperlinks will open from an app in Dynamics.


true / false

Indicates if automatically selecting a  contact in case of a single contact is allowed. If set to false, setting SelectSingleContact in the Extension Window web.config should normally also be set to false.


true / false

If true, and a contact has been selected, the plugin will automatically search for the related cases.


https://DynamicsUrl; Username=MyUserName; Password={EncryptedPassword}; authtype=Office365; RequireNewInstance=True

Dynamics connection string. Used to connect to the Dynamics Organization Service. Check the Crm Dynamics online\ on premises resources for more examples. PlaceHolder EncryptedPassword wil be replaced with  the decrypted value of setting EncryptedPassword. Note that if the connection string setting is used, the credentials provided on the SharePoint Settings page will not be used.


Password\Settings encrypted by the password tool included in the plugin package.

Setting EncryptedPassword is used to store sensitive connectionstring settings with encryption. It does not necessarily have to be an encrypted password, but could also be 1 or multiple settings like ClientId=MyAppId;ClientSecret=MyClientSecret


true / false

This setting only works if the ConnectionString setting is not used (should be an empty string value or commented out). If set to false the plugin will not try to retrieve the device id\ live id to make connection to CRM Dynamics.



if the plugin is properly installed and an agent in the UCC has a Skype For Business client with the embedded Anywhere365 Extension Window installed, the agent will receive relevant caller info from the plugin during a call. The plugin will try to identify the caller based on the incoming phone number in the UCC, and if that is not possible, the Extension Window will offer the option to search manually using other search criteria. The plugin will also try to retrieve relevant cases.





​The plugin logs the following main events in the ucc log:

  • Call incoming event: The ucc send informatio regarding an incoming call to the plugin. The plugin receives the correlation id and the sip uri\ phone number of the incoming caller.

  • Skill Choosen event: The skill\queue on which the call is received.

  • Call Accepted Event: The call has been accepted by an agent. The sip uri of the agent is sent from the UCC to the plugin.

  • Call Ended Event: Either the agent or the caller has ended the call.