Configure AFAS Profit plugin

The AFAS profit plugin contains a ‘config.xml’ file. This file contains the mapping between contacts and incidents in AFAS Profit and contacts and cases in the Anywhere365 CRMCRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and is a method/technology for managing contacts of customers. CRM helps to offer each customer an individual value proposition based on its wishes. In addition, CRM makes it visible which customers represent higher value for the organization and therefore might be served in a different way. plug in. Each AFAS Profit installment could have different field names for the same type of data like ‘Soort’ and ‘Soort_contact_code’.


  1. Afas profit installment 1 uses ‘Soort’

  2. Afas profit installment 2 uses ‘Soort_contact_code’

Both are actually the same information just with different names. That’s why a mapping is required.

The config file also contains a custom fields section. If the customer wants to include custom fields in the extension window. The required custom fields can be defined in section ContactCustomFieldSettings.