Update Core with Enterprise Plus

Update UCC

The benefit of the Enterprise Plus License, is that you can update UCC Services separate from each other and run different from each other. The 24/7 UCC’s can keep running and be updated on another time, while other Services van be done.

As for now, there are no scripts, which make it possible to do, so this is done manual, with the following steps.

  1. Stop the Specific UCC services (example: NL), to start the update procedure.

  2. Back-up the current UCC folder to a back-up location

  3. Make sure the new UCC version zip file is unblocked and unpacked.

  4. When opening the unpacked folder, 3 folders are called “2010, 2013 and 2015”. Choose the installed version and copy all the contents.

  5. Go to the folder of the UCC Service, which you have stopped and paste the copied files from the installation folder.

  6. When prompted to overwrite current files, choose “Yes”.

  7. Delete the cache files of the UCC and start the Services.


Update Attendant / Dashboard

Updating the Attendant and Dashboard Services can be done, without stopping the UCC Services. A restart of the IIS is needed to confirm the changes. Our advise is to do this out of hours, when there is less call traffic.

Before starting the update, please create a back-up.

  1. Copy the Attendant and Dashboard from the Installation folder of the new UCC Version. The Breakin and ConversationHistory, can also be copied, no additional configuration needed.

  2. Place the files in the C:\inetpub\wwwroot and press “Yes” on the write confirmation, to overwrite the current files.

  3. Open the web.config of the on in C:\inetpun\wwwroot\Attendant and or C:\intetpub\wwwroot\dasboard and the one you placed in the back-up.

  4. Copy the MSMQ preferences from the Back-up and place this in the new one and save the file.

  5. Perform an IIS reset in order to make the changes effect.


Update Interceptor

You can update the InterceptorThe Interceptor is a service installed on the Skype for Business Front End(s). It monitors all the calls passing over it. When a call is going to or coming from an Agent it will come into action. By intercepting that call and redirecting it to Anywhere365, it lets you manage the direct inbound and outbound dialogues of the contact center agents. as given on our GoLive page. Make sure to have a back-up before starting.

After the back-up, check if the ports are still configured in the config.exe of the Services. If so, start the Services to complete the update.

If these are not set in the config.xml, follow the following steps:

  1. Open the config.xml of the back-upped configuration.

  2. Copy all the sites, in the “<add key="urls" value="”/>”, of the back-upped config.xml.

  3. Paste the sites on the “<add key="urls" value="”/>” in the updated config.xml

  4. Save and restart the interceptor Services.

You have to Perform this for all Front End Services.


Update Presence Provider

If you already have the Presence Provider, you can skip this.

If you update from a Core version without Presence Provider, Learn More