Install Extra UCC


In this manual the steps are described to add an extra UCC on Skype.



  1. Every UCC Core version media file has the "InstallEXTRAUCC.ps1" script.
    6.4 or higher: Located in the Install Root.
    6.3 or lower: Located in the "HELPER SCRIPTS" folder.
  2. Edit properties file (properties.ps1)

    1. Set an application id, used for trusted application and the trusted application endpoints.

      $AppId = "< application id >"

      Warning Use lowercases and no spaces.

    2. Set the domain name of the service account

      $domain = "<domain name>"

    3. Set the service account name without the domain name

      $account = "<service account name> (no domain)"

    4. Set the application pool fqdnFDQN stands for Fully Qualified Domain Name and specifies the exact location in the tree hierarchy of the Domain Name System (DNS). An example for [hostname].[domain].[top level domain] is [www].[microsoft].[com]

      $AppPoolName = "< app pool fqdn >"

      Note You can look this up in PowerShell:
      Get-CsTrustedApplicationPool | select PoolFqdn | Sort PoolFqdn

    5. Specify a port number (note must be unique)

      $Port = 6001

    6. Specify the sip domain name

      $SipDomain = "< sip domain name (>"

    7. (Optional) Specify the Settingsurl

      $settingsUrl = "<settingsurl>"

  3. Save the properties file.

  4. Open power shell as admin

  5. (When using pre Windows 2012 R2) Set-ExecutionPolicy remotesigned, Y

  6. Run installEXTRAUCC.ps1

    1. This will take some time

    2. Red text means an error, check the error before restarting

  7. Script prompts for display name and LineURI. These options can be optionally set.



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