Use Data Collector Set


The data collector set provides detailed information about performance.


Install the A365 Data Collector Set

  1. Copy files to the Anywhere365 Server

  2. Make sure that the .zip package is unblocked.

  3. Right click on the .zip file and choose ‘properties’

  4. Then click Unblock and Apply

  5. Unpack

  6. Right click on the “RunAsAdmin.cmd” file and choose for “Run as administrator” and wait for the application to be installed


Using the A365 Data Collector Set

  1. Open Microsoft Performance Monitor

  2. For instance by opening run and open perfmon.exe

  3. Collapse ‘Data Collector Sets’

  4. Collapse ‘User Defined’

  5. Right click A365 and select Start

  6. The Data Collector Set is now capturing data/

  7. When you want to stop collecting, right click A365 and select Stop

  8. The Data Collector Set now created a CSV file in C:\PerfLogs\Admin.

  9. The filename of the created file is build up as “A365_<computername>_<MMddhhmm>.csv


Analyzing the data

  1. Open PBI_A365_DataCollectorSet.pbit

  2. Insert the absolute file path and select Load.

    E.g. C:\Users\Name\Folder\filename.csv

  3. Open the csv file and copy the value of the first header into the second parameter field of the Power BI DataCollector template.

    E.g. (PDH-CSV 4.0) (W.Europe Standard Time)(-60)

  4. Wait for the tool to finish processing

  5. Done

    E.g. output