Technical Overview


This document describes the technical overview of Anywhere365

Server Overview

To fully implement Anywhere365 the following setup is advised to be created:



The UCC environment can be scaled depending on needs. Whether or not scaling is necessary is mostly depended on the amount of simultaneous calls being processed. The current threshold is at around 250 concurrent calls per Front End server for LyncMicrosoft Lync (formerly Microsoft Office Communicator) is an instant messaging program designed for business use and is the successor of Windows Messenger. In order to use Lync, a Microsoft Lync Server is required. based on a basic configuration and can be higher with more resources. Common practices for scaling up and/or scaling out are:

  • ·Add Front End server or provide them with more resources.

  • ·Divide the UCCs over different servers. Using the config.xml file it is possible to distribute UCCs over multiple servers as long all the servers are in the same multi server Skype for Business pool.

  • ·Use an SQL cluster. Servers can be added to the cluster while the address for the server remains the same for the UCCs.

  • ·Use a SharePoint Farm. When using a SharePoint Farm, traffic can be load balanced over multiple servers.


Application communication

To further complete the communication between Skype for Business and the other components, the following specification should be met.


Important file locations

In the table beneath you will find all the important file locations, Log files to our products can be found in the following locations. It is also recommended to exclude these locations from Anti-Virussoftware.

  • Anywhere365 UCC Core

    • Server

      6.3: C:\ProgramData\Anywhere365\Core\Service\UnifiedContactCenterService\logs

      6.0: C:\Program Files\Anywhere365\Core\Logs

      5.0: C:\Program Files\UCC\Logs

  • Anywhere365 Attendant

    • Client


  • Anywhere365 Wallboard

    • Client


  • Anywhere365 Snapper

    • Client


  • Attendant Service

    • Server


  • Dashboard Service

    • Server