Create extra Endpoint


Extra endpoint can be used in a UCC as Modality Endpoints. Modality Endpoint can be used for additional phone numbers, prio endpoint, alternative call flows and more.


Set extra endpoint

  1. Open Skype Management Shell as Administrator

  2. Navigate to the "Extra Endpoint" script in the HELPERSCRIPT folder (send with each version of the Core).

  3. Run the ExtraEndpoint.ps1

  4. Select the UCC Application on which an extra endpoints needs to be added

  5. Enter the SIP address for the Endpoint (remember start with sip:)

    Warning Use lower cases.

  6. (Optional) Enter a Display Name for the Endpoint (this can also be done later)

  7. (Optional) Enter a LineURI for the Endpoint (this can also be done later)


Configure Endpoint