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How to use the retry mechanism in the Campaign Dialer

Sometimes a Callback The CallBack feature enables the customer to leave his / her number to be called back by an available agent during business hours. goes to voicemail. Such calls should be retried. Agents can use DTMF to indicate the call went to voicemail so it can be retried later.

Two options guide the retry mechanism:

  • CallbackPressKeyOnVoicemailTextToSpeech this text is synthesized at the start of the Callback to remind the Agent what DTMF key needs to be pressed to indicate the call goes to voicemail. If left empty, Agents will not be able to indicate the call went to voicemail.
  • CallbackRetryScheduledTextToSpeech this text is synthesized whenever the call will be retried. This is the case when the Agent marked the call as voicemail, or if the customer declined the call. If left empty, Agents will not be notified of retries, but they will still happen if the customer declines the call.

Leaving both settings empty will default to the behavior prior to 6.4.‚Äč