How to setup number validation in the Campaign Dialer

Two options guide the validation process:

  • EnableCallbackPhoneNumberValidation
  • EnableCallbackPhoneNumberNormalization

If Validation is disabled, then all phone numbers will be allowed for CallbackWith CallBack the customer can leave his / her number to be called back by an available agent during business hours., as long as the caller confirms the number is correct. This means that some Callbacks may not occur, because the number is unreachable.

If Validation is enabled, but Normalization is disabled, then only numbers valid within the CallbackDefaultRegion are allowed. If the caller provides a number that does not pass the Validation rules, he is asked to provide another number.

If Validation is enabled, and Normalization is enabled, then both numbers that are valid within the CallbackDefaultRegion will be allowed and numbers that match your normalization rules will be accepted.