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Install Campaign Dialer

Note Enterprise license and higher


  • SharePoint Template must be at least 3.3



  1. Add setting "EnableOutboundDialer" to Settings list with value "True".

  2. The UCC setting "OutboundDialerDeclineRetry" can be used to specified the number of retries

  3. The UCC setting "OutboundDialerDeclineRetryTime" can be used to specify the number of minutes between retries

  4. (Optional) The UCC setting "StartOutboundDialerOnStartup" can be set to true to automatically start during startup. (Instead of Supervisor command)



The final step is turning the dialer on. This can be done by a supervisor (user role) typing the command "startdialer" to the UCC by using IM.


Optional Dialer Settings

For the Campaign Dialer additional settings are available to tweak the system. More information can be found here.