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How to set up call preparation time for Agents

There are two settings for the Campaign Dialer where you can enable the option for Agents to use a DTMF key before calling back a customer, which gives them additional call preparation time. ​


Short summary of hunt

  • Campaign Dialer will search for an available Agent and create a session in which the Agent is hunted

  • Agents can use a DTMF key [#] to signal that they need some call preparation time

  • After pressing the key, the customer is called to join the session, the Agent answers the call




Available items for UCC Settings:


CallbackWaitUntilAgentReady - determines if the Dialer waits with calling the Customer until the Agent has signaled she / he is ready by pressing the Pound [#] key (default: false)

CallbackWaitUntilAgentReadyTextToSpeech - determines what text is spoken to an Agent to explain how they should signal they are ready to start calling the Customer (default: "Press the POUND key to start calling the customer."). This text is spoken only when the setting CallbackWaitUntilAgentReady​ is enabled.



1. Navigate to the UCC Settings of your UCC SharePoint Dashboard.

2. Enable the Setting CallbackWaitUntilAgentReady (True)

3. (Optional) Enable the setting CallbackWaitUntilAgentReadyTextToSpeech (True)

3. Save your changes.