Install Call Property Service

Note Enterprise license and higher


Make sure the following feature is installed:

  • HTTP Activation Feature installed. (.Net Framework 4.5 > WCF Services > HTTP Activation)


Configure the Call Property Service

  1. Log in on the server on which the UCC service is running.

  2. Copy install files to Anywhere365 Server

    Note: Files can be requested from support.

  3. Unpack and paste files in C:\inetpub\wwwroot (Rename folder to CallPropertyService)

  4. Open folder

  5. Modify Web.config

    1. Verify if the UCCPath and UCCConnectionSettingFile setting are correct.

      1. (Default) UCCPath =

        6.3: C:\ProgramData\Anywhere365\Core\Service\UnifiedContactCenterService\Cache

        6.0: C:\Program Files\Anywhere365\Core\

        5.0: C:\Program Files\UCC\

      2. (Default) UCCConnectionSettingFile = UCCSettings.xml

  6. (Alternative if Call Property Services cannot reach UCC Cache) Modify UCCSettings.xml

    1. UCCNAME = Name of the UCC, check config.xml of UCC

    2. CONNECTIONSTRING = Data Source of UCC, copy from UCC settings page

    3. Copy <UCC>...</UCC> and paste if you are using multiple UCCs.

  7. Open IIS, open Sites, open Default Web Site

  8. Right click "CallPropertyService " and select "Convert to Application", with Application Pool “UCCServiceApplicationPool”