CallMe Operation Basics


This topic describes the basic information you need to know to operate the CallMeThe CallMe feature adds a button on your website where the customer can enter his / her number to be called by the UCC, saving the customer in telephone costs..


Basic Trouble Shooting

When using software, sometimes things can break or not work as expected. In these cases it is good to do some trouble shooting. The first priority is get everything up and running again. By following the next steps basic trouble shooting can be done.

  1. Have you tried turning it off and on again?
    1. Seems like a IT cliché, but in most cases this is the solution. The CallMe can get a hiccup and this cause the feature to not work as designed. Restarting will let the product start clean.

  1. What do the logs say?
    1. The CallMe creates a log file in the install location, in here you can find every event that happened in the CallMe.
    2. How to read the logs:
      1. Make sure that Notepad++ is installed (default notepad can be used, but Notepad++ offers useful features)
      2. Copy the logs to another location (this way the CallMe can keep writing more logs)
      3. Open the logs in Notepad++
      4. Either go to the datetime of the issue or search for "Error" messages.
      5. The logs contains different level of information
        1. INFO = Basic information what the Core is doing
        2. DEBUG = Extra information on the INFO which shows more technical information
        3. WARN = Warns the user that something unexpected had happened, can usually be ignored.
        4. ERROR = Notifies the user something went wrong, this included Anywhere365, Skype for Business, SharePoint and SQL error messages. When this happens check which product it contain the issue and read the description below it. Usually the description explains what the issue is. In most cases the error type can be looked up and solved.
        5. FATAL = Fatal indicates that the UCC failed to start. When this happens check the error prior to this event, they usually give a clue why the UCC isn't starting. Most time is either a configuration error or the application endpoint do not exist.
  2. What does the FAQ say?
    1. On this GoLive website there is a usefully FAQ available. In here we place frequent questions we receive on the support portal and post them with solution.
  3. When all else fail contact support.
    1. Before contacting support, make sure previous steps are completed
    2. To get the best support, make sure the ticket contains the following information:
      1. Which version you are using
      2. The logs files
      3. Datetime
      4. Scenario