Install CallMe

Note Enterprise license and higher


  1. Download and unzip the latest version of the CallMeThe CallMe feature adds a button on your website where the customer can enter his / her number to be called by the UCC, saving the customer in telephone costs. software on the UCC server.

  2. Open the properties.ps1 file with Notepad or another editor (like Notepad++).

  3. Edit these parameters:

    1. AppId = Name of the UCC
    2. CallMeId = Name for the new CallMe application
    3. CallMePort = Unique port for the application
    4. domain = Domain of the service account
    5. account = Accountname of the service account
    6. SipDomain = SipDomain for the Application Endpoints
    7. AppPoolName = Pool of the Anywhere365 server

    $AppId = "UCC name"

    $CallMeId = "callme_[succ]"

    $CallMePort = 8686 (or any other available port)

    $domain = "domain"

    $account = "admin user"

    $SipDomain = ""

    $AppPoolName = "fqdnFDQN stands for Fully Qualified Domain Name and specifies the exact location in the tree hierarchy of the Domain Name System (DNS). An example for [hostname].[domain].[top level domain] is [www].[microsoft].[com]"

  4. Run the Windows PowerShell as Administrator

  5. Navigate to the installation folder.

  6. Run the InstallCallMe.ps1 script.

  7. Enter the administrator password for the account you have given in step 3.

  8. Let the script run and finish.

  9. Navigate to the UCC settings page and go to the Endpoints section.

  10. Choose “new item” to create a new endpoint for the CallMe extension.

  11. Fill in the parameters as below, where the SIP address is [Appid]_ [CallMeId]@[] from step 3 and the modality 'CallMe' has to be filled in by hand.
    You also have to choose if you want to caller to be redirected to a certain Skill or that you want the caller to step in the IVRQuestions by filling in a ParentQuestion.

  12. Open Services.

  13. Restart the UCC.

  14. Start the CallMe Service


Configure CallMe for WebChat

Configure CallMe for Webchat