Configure Announcement for CallMe


After the customer enters their phone number, the CallMeCallMe adds a button on your website where the customer can enter his / her number to be called by the UCC, saving the customer in telephone costs. will call the customer and play a announcement to press 1 to be connected. By default the message in "Welcome. Press one to be connected to our contact center." and played with English Text to Speech.



  1. Login on the UCCUCC stands for Unified Contact Center and consists of a queue that can be handled by Agents Each Contact Center has its own settings, interactive voice response questions and Agent with specific skills. Agents can be member of, or sign up to, one or more Contact Centers. Server.
  2. Open the appSettings.config of the CallMe (in C:\Program Files\callme)
  3. Change the following settings

<add key="TextToSpeech" value="Welcome. Press one to be connected to our contact center." />

<add key="TextToSpeechCulture" value="en-GB" />