User Guide Visitors plugin

  1. Start the Attendant
  2. The Visitor plugin can be started by clicking on the Visitor Button on the right side of the Attendant
    1. If grayed out, please install using the steps in the installation

  3. In the Visitor window you can see all the visitors for today
    1. If emptycheck:
      1. If the Exchangeconnection was successful, can be checked if the Agenda is working.
      2. If theUser is invited in a Outlook Meeting with at least one internal domain and one external domain

    First Contact = External Visitor

    Second Contact= Internal Receiver

  4. The receiver can be notified by selecting the"+" iconand select "CHECK-IN"
    1. The gray arrow will change to blue

  5. The receiver will now get a chat message indicating his/her visitor has arrived.