User Guide Outbound Dialer Call Queue plugin

Outbound Dialer Call Queue Plugin

We will now go into detail about the look and possibilities of the plugin. On the left side of the attendant below the dial pad click the following icon to open the plugin.

The Outbound Dialer Call Queue plugin will show all un-handled outbound dialer calls (pending and failed). You also have the option to delete the existing calls via X icon behind each call or to create a new outbound dialer call. The top section of the plugin shows the fields you can use to create a new outbound dialer call. Below that the contents of the outbound dialer call queue are shown.


Creating a new outbound dialer call

A prerequisite is that the UCC has at least one audio skill. Other type of skills like chat and countdown are not supported and will therefore not be shown in the skill dropdown.

Only the invite and the skill are required for a new outbound dialer call.

Invite: The person that needs to be called

Date start: When the hunt should begin. If no date is specified it will use the current time, so it will then start hunting immediately.

Retries: The amount of retries already attempted. It is possible in sharepoint to set a limit to the amount of retries until it stops attempting the hunt

Prio: If Priority should given to the call

Date End: End time that the hunt should stop. If none is specified it will stop until it reaches the retires limit or the call is handled.

Skill: The audio skill that should be called by the outbound dialer.

Submit: Submit the given data and create a new outbound dialer call.


Refreshing the outbound dialer call queue

The list is refreshed when a call is saved or deleted or by pressing the refresh button next to the number of calls present in the queue. When changing the data in the settings it wil also refresh the data to match the specified ucc. As stated before, only calls that are unhandled are shown, so if a call is handled since the last refresh it will no longer be shown.


Deleting calls

Press the X behind the call to delete the call. If the hunt is already in progress it will abort the hunt upon the next attempt. The current hunt will not be aborted.