Configure CRM plugin

Server Configuration

When first running the plugin, the configuration file will add the sixteen pre-defined Context channel values, any own custom values will have to be added manually. Only five values are set visible by default: Name, Email, PhoneNumber, AccountName (Usually this is the name of the company that the caller is associated too) and AccountOwnerName. We will go into detail about the setting possibilities below

Settings in the attendant

When opening the attendant click on the bottom right circle to open the settings tab. Then click on plugins in the right bar. Then select the Crm Plugin to open the settings page where you can configure the setting for the Crm Plugin.

Settings Values

As said before the sixteen set values of the Extension Window Contact are already set, but you are free to alter or delete them. Via the add button you can add your own value and the trashcan can be used to remove a value. If you do not require any customization to these or your own custom fields then they do not have to be added / edited. If you however want to influence the order or name shown in the attendant plugin you will need to add it and set these specifics.

There are five fields, four of which are customizable.

  • Context Name: The name of the variable or the name of the custom value when using a custom value.
  • Display Name: What name should be shown for the value in the attendant. We will show a case of this in the Crm plugin chapter. For instance if we set the Display Name of Field Name to Display Name then when a caller is retrieved that has a name, it will show Display Name before this field rather then Name.
  • Order: The order in which the fields are shown. If two fields share the same order number they are shown in order of retrieval.
  • Visibility: Whether or not the value should be shown. This is more used for the sixteen predefined values, since most of these fields contain data that is not relevant for the user and therefore only adds clutter. If a field is not in the list, visibility is automatically true, so you do not need to add any of your own custom values in order to see them.
  • Remove: Press the button to remove the field.

When you are done with setting the settings either press the save or cancel option to save / cancel your settings. Attempting to leave the settings tab will also prompt the save / cancellation option