User Guide Contact Card Extension plugin

Assistant of contact

The assistant of a contact is shown in his contact card. When a contact card is clicked, the assistant information will appear right under the contact action buttons. The assistant’s status is real time updated when their presence status changes. Clicking on the button on the right in the assistant view will open the contact details of the assistant.


Transfer a conversation to an assistant

It is possible to transfer a conversation to an assistant. To perform a transfer, just drag and drop the conversation to the assistant view of a contact. Country and office location The country and office location are shown in the contact information view.



“Could not connect AD”

This message is shown when the connection to the AD server cannot be made. When your computer is able to connect the AD server, please configure the AD credentials with the right values.

“Wrong assistant is shown”

The assistants are looked up by their Display Name. If there are any contacts in the AD with the same Display Name, the first result will be used as assistant.

“Assistant not found”

Make sure the msExchAssistantName field in AD is filled with the Display Name of the assistant and the assistant exists in AD.