Install Call History plugin


The Call History plugin is installed by default. But can be fine-tuned with the configuration.



With the Call History plugin it is possible to configure the amount of days your history is saved. It’s advisable to not change the number to a real high value cause the reading and writing of the full could turn slow.

To change the amount of days follow the next steps:

  1. Make sure the Attendant is started and license is entered.
  2. Go to “Settings
  3. Navigate to the “Plugins” Tab
  4. Select the plugin named “Call History”
  5. Change the option “Amount of days that history is saved” to the preferred amount.
  6. Click the “ X “ icon to close the plugin information
  7. Exit the settings by clicking the arrow

All history should now be save for the specified amount. If amount is in the future it will not show more information immediately cause the data was not saved in the past. Also if the amount is lower, the data that is not needed anymore will be removed.