User Guide Address Book for SQL plugin

Contact card

By clicking on the contact card on the right side of the application you open a contact card with more options. Here you can go straight to an existing contact if it exists in the address book or add the contact to the address book. Contacts are created on the base of the email address in their Skype sip. So if the contact has the Skype address it wil create an entry for user


Creating a contact via the contact card

When creating a contact via this way it will retrieve the following data from the contact. Email, name, title and phonenumbers (if the phonenumber type is known in the phonetype table of the database as well as in Anywhere365).


Editing / go straight to a contact via the contact card

If the contact exists in the address book it will instead show an edit icon and the note of the contact if the contact has one.

Existing contact without a note:

Existing contact with a note. By hovering over the text you can also see a tooltip showing most of the text, it depends on how long the text is whether or not everything will be shown on the contact card and tooltip.



When starting up the address book it will performing a search query on all contacts and retrieve a maximum as specified in the settings, the default is set to 50. There are two types of contacts, private and not private. Private contacts are those created specifically in the database where the non-private contacts are imported from AD. The difference is that you cannot edit any of the values of the non-private contacts, with the exception of the note.

Private Contacts

A private contact also has two additional options at the left bottom of the screen, a delete button to remove the contact and a show / hide extra fields. The extra fields are the phonenumbers of the contact that not yet contain a value. These are not shown by default if they do not have a value. Once they are given a value they will always be shown when selecting that contact. Below is a screen of a private contact. You cannot alter the private status of a contact nor their id, since this is used as a unique specifier in the database. If your database has any computed fields (Calculated fields consisting of multiple columns, for instance making a column displayname that consists of column firstname and column lastname). Those also cannot be altered since they cannot be altered in the database either.


Non-Private Contacts

Next a screen of a non-private contact. As is visible, only the note of the contact can be altered.



On the top right is a search bar, in settings you can define on which values it has to search. The defaults is look for this search text in first name and lastname. As seen on the screen below we use the search term ma, which finds two contacts with ma in their lastname and one contact with ma in their firstname.


Create Contact

At the right bottom there is a Create Contact button. Here you can create a contact from scratch, in the event the contact is not present in skype and you can therefore not use the create via a contact card. The contact will be saved once an email address is specified. There are no checks if the mail address actually exists, so if your contact does not have an email address just use an address that makes it easy to find them again. You cannot change the email address once the contact is saved. If you made a mistake the only option is to delete the contact and create it again. (Or to change it in the database directly)