User Guide Address Book for Active Directory and Exchange plugin

  1. Start the Attendant

  2. The Address book can be opened by selecting the Address Book icon on the right side of the Attendant

  3. On the top side the contact can be searched and selected. You can filter on:

    Note Field mapping can be altered in the settings.

    1. Source: AD and/or Exchange

    2. Department: Only show contacts from selected department

    3. Position: Only show contact with specific job titles

    4. Email: Filter on contact's email

    5. Description: Filter on contact's department

  4. When a contact is selected in will appear in the active part (left)of the screen.

    1. Click to call contact on the selected number / address

    2. Click to email contact on the selected email address

    3. Use the controls in the upper right corner to Transfer, Call or send an Email.