Configure Weather API


For the Reception Attendant it is possible to configure weather information for the mirror tab in the Dashboard. For this information we use the API of an external company, you should create and/or buy a account here to activate the weather information. This page will guide you through the configuration.


Setup WeatherStack account

  1. Navigate to

  2. Create an account by going to SIGNUP in the top right corner (if you do not have an account).

  3. Follow the steps and activate your account.

  4. Sign in and go to the Dashboard to retrieve your API KEY.
    *** It is possible to buy a different plan if the free plan does not suit your needs. The free plan allows 5000 API calls per month.

  5. Copy the API key to use it in the attendant later on.


Configure the Reception Attendant

  1. When your Attendant is running open the settings.

  2. Go to “General” in the menu on the right (if you are not already there, see step 1).

  3. Fill in the API key that you retrieved from the weatherstack website (step 2).

  4. It is possible to change the weather measurement between Celsius and Fahrenheit (step 3).

  5. Also change the location to the location of your office (Step 4).

  6. Press “Save” (step 5) and then use the back button to return to the main screen (step 6).

Now your attendant is setup and ready to check the weather.


View the weather

  1. When your Attendant is running, make sure you are in the dashboard.

  2. Go to the tab of the mirror.

  3. Move your mouse over the mirror and in the top right corner the weather information will be displayed.