Configure SMS


For the Reception Attendant, it is possible to configure a SMS service. An implementation that is working directly after install is using messagebird as a SMS provider. First we will guide you through the configuration of a new messagebird account. The next step will be to configure the messagebird settings into you Reception Attendant.

Let’s get started!


Set-up and configure Messagebird

  1. Go to

  2. Create an account (if not having one).

  3. Follow the steps, buy your credits and sign-in.

  4. Go to “API” in the left menu (step 1).

  5. Go to “API ACCESS (REST)” in the top menu (step 2).

  6. Click on the “Add access key” button (step 3).
    Now a window will show up where you can add some info about the connection.

  7. Add a description for this API (sample: Anywhere365 Reception; step 1)

  8. Make the type of the API access “Live” (step 2), else the messages will be in the logging of messagebird but will not be delivered to the receiver.

  9. Finish by clicking the “Add” button.

  10. Now the API description is added to the overview and the key is generated but will be hidden till you click “Show key”. You need to save or remember this key because it is needed when you configure your Reception Attendant


Configure the Reception Attendant

  1. When your Attendant is running open the settings.

  2. Go to “SMS” in the menu on the right (step 1).

  3. Fill in the API key that you retrieved from the messagebird website (step 2).

  4. Change the “Country code” (step 3), this will be used to parse the phone numbers in the attendant.

  5. Change the “Originator” (step 4). This will be the sender which the receiving phone sees.

  6. Press “Save” (step 5) and then use the back button to return to the main screen (step 6).
    Now your attendant is setup and ready to send its first SMS-message.


Send a SMS

  1. When your Attendant is running, search for a contact or a number you want to sms.

  2. Click the contact and then the dots for more options where you will see “Send SMS”.

  3. If the contact has a mobile number configured, it will be filled automatically, else you need to enter it.

  4. Next you can type the message you would like to send.

  5. Press “Send” and the message will be on its way.