Dialogue Cloud

Features - Attendant Console for Dialogue Cloud

With Attendant Console for Dialogue Cloud you can harness the power of Anywhere365's Dialogue Cloud to enhance your dialogue management experience.

Attendant Console for Dialogue Cloud Features Diagram (click to enlarge)

The Attendant Console for Dialogue Cloud provides you with the following advanced features:

Highly Customizable Layout

  • Each operator can customize layout to their specific needs
  • Multi-language support
  • Widget library provides you additional useful functionality
  • Stand-alone web interface or embedded directly in Microsoft Teams

Sophisticated Call Handling

  • Easily manage multiple incoming Direct Routing calls
  • Standard call controls (Answer/End/Hold-Resume/Dial-pad)
  • Clearly displayed caller details such as waiting time, caller information...)
  • Easy internal* and external transfers, including blind or consultative transfers
    *Internal transfers are only available to Enterprise voice licensed users.

Advanced Queue Management

Powerful OmniDirectory Capabilities

Our OmniDirectory holistic caller identification technology makes it possible to identify incoming callers using multiple sources such as:

  • Azure AD Contacts
  • Teams presence status
  • Personal contacts
  • Group contacts
  • Favorites list
  • Contact details and contact notes
  • Microsoft365 Agenda widget

 Relevant and Detailed Reporting

  • Anywhere365's Inflight Wallboard and Inflight Snapper provide you with an overview of essential parameters in real time
  • Microsoft's Power BI uses interactive data visualization to give you graphic insight into your operations

Attendant Console for Dialogue Cloud allows you to take advantage of features from both the Attendant Console as well as Anywhere365's Dialogue Cloud.