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Release Notes - Feature Release DC2023.04

This document contains a list of the updates and current versions of Anywhere365 software and components.

Client Components

Note: Before raising a support ticket please ensure any client application used is upgraded to the version in this bundle so the logs provided within the ticket match this Bundle. We are unable to support and investigate tickets raised on unmatched component version combinations.
Component Version Remark
Ucc.Creator scripts (SharePoint template)  
Power BI template (for Power BI Desktop)


(Minimum required version for this bundle) Learn More

Inflight Wallboard (desktop client) 6.5.7  
Snapper (desktop client)


(Minimum required version for this bundle) Learn More

+= updated in this bundle.

Special mention-related settings changes

Uri setting became required for the Event Forwarder Plugin

Please note that the Event Forwarder Plugin now requires a Uri setting. This change is mandatory for all deployments, as some plugin actions have been moved. For information about adding the setting see: Installing Event Forwarder Plugin.

Call Controls Plugin and Custom Session Plugin have been removed

To simplify our software architecture, we've removed the Call Controls Plugin and Custom Session Plugin entirely. Their commands have been integrated into the API Plugin and Event Forwarder Plugin, respectively. For information about removing Call Controls plugin see: Un-install Call Controls plugin. For information about removing Custom Session plugin see: Uninstall Custom Sessions plugin.

New Features

PBI Description
63880, 92192

Contact Search on email reply (To/CC)

When replying to and email in WebAgent a contact search button (+) is now shown in the "To" and "CC" field opening a search window for searching and selecting contacts from your directory.

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97595, 98036

Add CRM Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, is (usually) a software-based, data management method to deal with interactions with customers and potential customers. details to Agent's Personal queue in WebAgent

When an Agent is connected to a customer in WebAgent the identity (tel or sip address) of the customer will be replaced with the name of the customer as known in the CRM system. This to give an Agent a more informative pane of glass in WebAgent.

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98419, 99847

CTI Dynamics - Feature parity from CIFv1 to CIFv2

The Channel Integration Framework 2.0 of Microsoft Dynamics 365, used for the CTI Integration of Dynamics 365 with WebAgent, now has feature parity when configured for use with WebAgent.

See: ​​WebAgent with Dynamics 365 Channel Integration Framework (CIF 2.0)

94272, 81476

Automatic presence changes when setting a Reason Code.

We are excited to announce a new feature on WebAgent that will improve your experience as an agent. With this update, when you click on a reason code through the MePerson, your Teams client will be updated to reflect your current work status (e.g. Away, Busy). In addition, users can change the reason code and the agent presence will be automatically updated through the MsGraph API connection of the Core.

To enable this additional permissions need to be applied to the Azure Application used for retrieving presence, see: Microsoft Graph Presence Publisher Configuration

89580, 94208 97552 98045 98053 98927

Throttling Throttling, in the context of a software cloud delivery service, is the practice of temporarily suspending or diminishing access to a service offering to a cloud customer. Because cloud platforms are mostly multi-tenant, shared platforms and the usage at any moment of many customers is unpredictable, throttling is a normal and logical procedure of retaining a cloud service for all customers, sometimes at the expense of one or a handful of customers who are at that time using too many resources for the backend platform. Not only a customer itself, but also a "noisy neighbour" on the same platform can be the cause of throttling. Usually service will be resumed at a normal level after a short cool-down period, but can even take up to 24 hours or more. In Microsoft 365 throttling is usually indicated by "429 errors" or "server too busy" messages in logfiles or replies. of Events for expired UCC A Unified Contact Center, or UCC, is a queue of interactions (voice, email, IM, etc.) that are handled by Agents. Each UCC has its own settings, IVR menus and Agents. Agents can belong to one or several UCCs and can have multiple skills (competencies). A UCC can be visualized as a contact center “micro service”. Customers can utilize one UCC (e.g. a global helpdesk), a few UCC’s (e.g. for each department or regional office) or hundreds of UCC’s (e.g. for each bed at a hospital). They are interconnected and can all be managed from one central location. credentials (SQL and Sharepoint)

When credentials expire for connections from UCC to SQL and/or SharePoint the hosting server will get throttled severely affecting performance or even shutdown. These events will now be managed. The retry time for connections will now be steadily increased to avoid flooding of repetitive events so admins can take appropriate actions and warnings to affected customers and partners can be sent out.


Removed auto-answer UCC calls from Snapper

Due to changes in the classic Teams client distinguishing between various types of audio calls is no longer possible. Therefore only answering of all Audio calls is possible. The new Teams client has never had a capability (yet) to detect incoming audio calls therefore the Auto-answer function for new Teams does not work in Snapper.

Feature Improvements

PBI Description
98102, 99387

Aviator- Add visitor name when this is available

In WebChat using Aviator and Adaptive Cards Adaptive Cards are preformatted boilerplate messages that can be selected by an agent to be sent to a client. They are written using an open card exchange format that allows the developers to 'write once' and share with any compliant host application, the variable {visitor_name} will now be included more thoroughly in Aviator responses if the variable is entered or provided by the customer side.

94803, 99217, 99354, 99355, 55742

For on-prem and Federated When using Anywhere365 in combination with Federation you can add agents working with a Skype for Business or Teams account to your UCC. Cloud V3 customers, Ability to change Caller ID in WebAgent for Outbound Calls

By adding the setting "UseOutboundCalling=true" to the UCC settings list an agent can start Outbound calls from WebAgent dialpad originating from one of the UCC's telephone endpoints. Without the need for adding a "DCISkill" to the Agent. Learn More

95240, 95872

Added click outside the search input and search result behavior

When a search box is open in WebAgent, clicking outside the box will close the box for more efficient intuitive navigation.


Displayname of Agent shown in WebWallboard during Intercepted calls.

The WebWallboard was showing numbers instead of agent names during active intercepted calls. This has now been resolved.

57099, 95182, 95184

Play Ringback-tone to agents during Blind and Consultative transfer from WebAgent

When performing a Blind or Consult transfer from WebAgent, the agent will now hear a Ringback tone when call is being established towards the transferee.

94036, 94630

Adjustable Adaptive Card Display in WebChat front-end.

In cases where the adaptive card buttons are not entirely visible, scrollbars will be shown which should facilitate their visibility. Conversely, when the buttons are correctly visible, scrollbars will not be shown.

Feature Enhancements

PBI Description
97251, 98387

Forward button during WebChat hidden again.

The Forward button will not be displayed during a WebChat conversation. For text based dialogues this is only functional for e-mails.

97113, 98682

Presence name is shown in normal type font under certain conditions.

The UC presence name (i.e. busy, offline, etc.) for a Contact was shown with capital letters if there is a job title present for the contact in the Microsoft Entra ID Formerly known as Azure Active Directory (or Azure AD, or AAD).

94988, 94991, 91874

Fix First Time Right always showing 0% in PowerBI for Dialogue Studio sessions

Fixed by updating SkillChosen the first time a skill is chosen, and SkillChanged only afterwards. This allows the report to detect when the skill was never changed after its initial setting.


Multiple voicemail files created for voicemail dialer v1

When using the voicemail dialer (V1) every time the agent does not accept the hunt, a new hunt is started after a timeout and the voicemail file is downloaded again under a new name. After the hunt is finally accepted only the latest voicemail file created is being deleted. This is now fixed.


WebWallboard was sometimes showing incorrect agent overview

If a UCC call was transferred by Agent A to Agent B, Agent B would not be shown in the "In a call" section of WebWallboard. This has now been resolved.

84489, 85782

Snapper crash fix

clicking on column header (for sorting order) in advanced statistics caused Snapper to crash. This is no longer the case.

84489, 85782

Screen Recording from Snapper sometimes zero filesize when uploading to SharePoint.

Due to timing misalignment sometimes the screenrecording upload from Snapper to SharePoint would not start at the right time resulting in a zero filesize gettting uploaded. This specific cause has now been fixed.


Optimized PowerBI_Dialogue SQL View

Our team has made optimizations to the SQL query, resulting in a tenfold speed increase when tested on a representative data set. This improvement resolve the issue of SQL timeout on larger data-sets.