On Premises

Questionnaire User Guide


The questionnaire enabled user to fill in a SharePoint Survey. These SharePoint Surveys can be used if many different business cases. Below a few examples.


Call Scripting


When performing campaigns, the agent can use the SharePoint Surveys as guidelines by using the Survey as a call script. In addition the output of the call script can also be used a trigger for automated actions, for example using Microsoft Power Automate.


How to configure


Review audio recordings


Unlike the previous scenarios conversations can also be evaluated afterwards, by using the Survey url in the CDR database. For example you can use Anywhere365 Dialogue Intelligence reports to open the audio recording and open the Survey.


How to configure

  • UCC:

    • Make sure the Questionnaire is installed, Learn More

    • Change the setting "EnableSurveyCreation" to true


How to use

For each conversation a Survey is created and the URL is stored in the CDR database. When browsing the reports the Supervisor can use the Dialogue Overview (specific call.rdl) reports to open both the audio recording using the microphone icon and the survey using the survey icon.