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Configure Call Park in Dialogue Studio

A popular feature for Skype for Business is Call Park. Call parking is a feature that allows a person to put a call on hold at one telephone set and continue the conversation from any other telephone set.

In this example, you will create a full CallPark scenario. To test this we use a UCC A Unified Contact Center, or UCC, is a queue of interactions (voice, email, IM, etc.) that are handled by Agents. Each UCC has its own settings, IVR menus and Agents. Agents can belong to one or several UCCs and can have multiple skills (competencies). A UCC can be visualized as a contact center “micro service”. Customers can utilize one UCC (e.g. a global helpdesk), a few UCC’s (e.g. for each department or regional office) or hundreds of UCC’s (e.g. for each bed at a hospital). They are interconnected and can all be managed from one central location. with two options in the IVR Interactive Voice Response, or IVR, is a telephone application to take orders via telephone keypad or voice through a computer. By choosing menu options the caller receives information, without the intervention of a human operator, or will be forwarded to the appropriate Agent..

  1. To park

  2. To get a parked call

This can be changed when an agent or receptionist transfers a call to the Skill used for call park.

The skill used needs to be configured and if it has another name you need to change the values in this sample. For more information about configuring skills, Learn More


Import Flow

This flow can be imported directly into your Dialogue Studio:

  1. Open the menu in the top right

  2. Select "Import"

  3. Select "Examples"

  4. Select "[Audio] Call Park"

  5. Change Import to "New flow"

  6. Select "Import"


Configure UCC

The first step is to connect the flow to the UCC. This needs to be done for the following nodes:

  • Incoming conversation

  • Event bus

This can be done by double clicking on the node and selecting your UCC. If you haven't created a flow before, Learn More

Configure Skill

Create a skill called CALLPARK in your ucc or change the skill in the Enqueue node to a skill that is already configured. When you change the skill, You also need to change it in the switch after the EventBus below.

The idea is that a skill is selected with no agents, so it is not picked up by anyone and waits for someone to take the call.

When you want to return the call to a skill after x minutes, you can use a countdown skill (Learn More).

Configure notification

After the park the call, send a message to one or multiple people that the call is parked. The payload contains a formatted message in English and the slot property of the output had only the slot that can be used.

  • msg.payload: A call is parked on slot: [slot the call is parked]

  • msg.slot: slot the call is parked For this scenario, you can replace the debug message.

How to use

To test this scenario, call the UCC an choose the option 1 to park your call, when not changed you see the parking lot in the debug window on the right (the little bug icon under the Deploy button).

With another phone or computer call the UCC again and press the option 2, after this you press the three digit number displayed in the debug window. The both calls will be connected and you will hear each other.

Possible improvement

When the scenario is fully checked you can remove the option 1 and let a receptionist or agent transfer the call to the CALLPARK skill. Calling the number will then allow an agent to immediately select the parking lot and take the call.