On Premises

Update Dialogue Intelligence Reports

Note: After version 5.0.17281.0 always run Language.rdl first.


  • Make sure your user has "Content Manager" on the folder you are trying to update.


Update reports

  1. Unzip the Report Install file.

  2. Open the "ssrs_config.xml", clear the "connectionstring"

  3. Run "ReportsInstallerApp.exe"

  4. Enter the SSRS Service URL (see the Report Service URL in Reporting Services Configuration Manager)

     Tip: If you only have the Report Manager URL, replace "Reports", with "Reportserver".

    Example: https://url.domain.com/reports becomes https://url.domain.com/reportserver

  5. (Optional) Enter the name of the folder, if left empty "Anywhere365" will be updated.

    Note: If wrong folder is entered, a new folder is created.
  6. The report .rdl files will be now be updated.

    Note: If you received an error message, please check if the all values are correct, the account has the correct permissions or run the script directly on the server.

    If this doesn't resolve it please check our FAQ.

  7. Report folder is successfully updated.


Validate update

You can validate the update by opening one of the reports and hovering your mouse over the Anywhere365 logo. The tool-tip will display the version: