On Premises

Install CTI Broker

Note: Additional Anywhere365 CTI license needed
Note: An Enterprise license or higher is required to access these features.

Components overview



Before starting the installation, make sure the following preparations are taken:



To install the broker, you’ll need to configure the Install.ps1 with a service account, before running the script.

If the script is configured it can be executed to install the broker as a windows service.



The configuration of the broker is stored in a config.xml file, which contains the following sections:

  • BrokerModule
    • Socket
    • MainUcc
    • UccGroup
      • UccServer



In this section values of the socket are configured like ip address and port number. The socket is responsible for receiving connections with the CTI Service client



There can only be one MainUcc configured. The main ucc will be used for outbound calls

All the agents needs to be configured in this ucc with the correct skill



In this section all the ucc’s are configured which will connect to the Attendant- and DashboardService for receiving updates and sending start / stop commando’s to sign formal agents A Formal Agent is able to sign in and sign out of the UCC. This can be achieved when the Agent sends a start or stop command to the Skype for Business client of the UCC. in or out.

This section can contain multiple UccServer elements

e.g. config: