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Plugin Flow Settings


Plugin Flow Settings are for specific plugins. This enables you to configure the flow of the plugin. These are unique per plugin and will be part of the documentation of that plugin.

Explanation per field

In order to manage Attributes, the following items can be filled in:



Attribute Name of the attribute from the Plugin Attribute list.

Operator to match:

  • Equals

  • Not Equals

  • Is empty

  • Is not empty

  • Begins with

  • Does not begin with

  • Ends with

  • Does not ends with

  • Contains

  • Does not contains

  • Matches regular expression

  • Is greater than

  • Is greater than or equal to

  • Is less then

  • Is less than or equal to

Value Value for the operator.

Order in which to run the flow.

Note: Rule groups must be defined by using decimals.
Rule A 1.0 AND
Rule B 1.1

Condition to link multiple row together. Empty to have another rule:

  • AND

  • OR

Note: The condition must be set on the first row of a rule group.
Rule A 1.0 AND
Rule B 1.1
Flag Flag to toggle Recording or Priority.
FlagValue Value for flag.
Note: Actions must be set on final row of the rule group.

If this flow is selected and callers should be redirected to an Agent, select a Skill an Agent should have in order to help the caller.


This field might contain the name of the Prompt for action Prompt

ParentQuestion Go to this Question for action Question
PluginAttribute Use this Attribute for the selected action.
Message Play this message for action Message


For specific examples, please see:

Create/Edit/Remove item

Item can be created, edited or removed.

Warning: Updates to the system take place in real-time. Entering the incorrect information here may cause issues with your software. Proceed with caution.