On Premises

OutboundDialer Calls

Note: An Enterprise license or higher is required to access these features.


OutboundDialerCalls is the list of numbers which are needed to be Called in the Outbound Dialer

Note: OutboundDialer must be installed and configured. Learn More

Explanation per field

In order to manage OutboundDialerCalls, the following fields should be filled in:




Number/Sip of the person whom needs to be called.


Indicated that the person is called

Note: Will be entered by the Outbound Dialer, should left untouched or can be emptied if the person needs to be called again.


Use this Skill to select an Available Agent.


The order in which the numbers needs to be called


If checked these number are called first.


The day on which the person should be called

 Tip: If empty, all days will be used.

Date start

The date after the person can be called

 Tip: If empty, no before date restriction will be used

Time start

Time after the person will be called.

 Tip: If empty, no before time restriction will be used.

Time end

Time before the person will be called.

 Tip: If empty no after time restriction will be used.

Date end

The date before the person can be called

 Tip: If empty no after date restriction will be used.

Create/Edit/Remove item

Item can be created, edited or removed.

Warning: Updates to the system take place in real-time. Entering the incorrect information here may cause issues with your software. Proceed with caution.