On Premises

Connecting to Azure SQL

Note: Azure Private Link (aka Private Endpoint as described by Microsoft here) is not supported.

Anywhere365 needs to directly connect to Azure SQL database(s) in your Azure tenant A dedicated and trusted instance of Azure AD. The tenant is automatically created when your organization signs up for a Microsoft cloud service subscription, such as Microsoft 365. An Azure tenant represents a single organization. [Taken from Microsoft Docs] for your CDR data to be stored and retrieved. If Dialogue Manager is used, an additional Azure SQL database is needed for the conversational (text) message data and history.

CDR and DialogueManager each require their own database.



  • An Azure SQL database per region: recommended at least S1 20DTU during project initiation (and is typically sufficient for Golive to production, but exceptions may apply, see warning below)
  • Azure DB is remotely accessible
  • SQL user account: which is database owner
  • Connection string to the database(s): Only the formats provided below are supported (i.e. only connections directly to <server>.database.windows.net and the other parameters are required).
  • Firewall allowance for regional Dialogue Cloud IP address: will be provided by your Anywhere365 contact.

Note: After Golive, maintenance and regular monitoring of the database is the customer's responsibility.
Your database(s) will accrue data for every conversation and will grow with use over time, or your final UCC count and configuration may be heavy on DB processing (many simultaneous dialogues in queue, frequent queries from PowerBI or e-mails with large attachments for example), so your maintenance (like monitoring size, adding additional archiving databases, deleting old data, reclaiming unused space or maybe even upgrade to a higher tier or storage) may be required. For more information on Azure SQL limits, pricing and maintenance tips a good starting point is https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/azure-sql/database/resource-limits-dtu-single-databases, or consult your SQL DB Administrator.

Creating an account

You can choose between:

  • Option 1 (Preferred): Azure SQL Account (supported by all Anywhere365 applications)

    Note: The Dialogue Manager requires a SQL Account in the Connection string for the DialogueManager database (see below). All other applications (Core, UTL and Classification) support more options.
  • Option 2: Microsoft Entra ID Formerly known as Azure Active Directory (or Azure AD, or AAD) account (Supported by Core, UniversalTimeLine and Classification services)

    Note: Supported for the Core UCC Service, Universal Timeline Service and the Call Classification Service which share the same ConnectionString. NOT supported for Dialogue Manager Service.

Below a guideline on how to create these accounts (Choose the one that is needed).