On Premises

Configure CallBacks

The CallBack CallBack, an IVR menu feature for voice, enables the customer to leave his / her number to be called back by an available agent during business hours. feature allows a customer to leave a number where they wish to receive a return call during business hours, from an agent who becomes available. In most instances, this option will be offered when the queue is too long or is full, also outside business hours or whenever a suitable agent is not available.


An Enterprise license or higher is required to access these features.

How to Configure Callback

  1. First make sure the Campaign Dialer is configured and running.

    1. See: Installing Campaign Dialer

    2. Supervisor has to send IM message "StartDialer" to the UCC A Unified Contact Center, or UCC, is a queue of interactions (voice, email, IM, etc.) that are handled by Agents. Each UCC has its own settings, IVR menus and Agents. Agents can belong to one or several UCCs and can have multiple skills (competencies). A UCC can be visualized as a contact center “micro service”. Customers can utilize one UCC (e.g. a global helpdesk), a few UCC’s (e.g. for each department or regional office) or hundreds of UCC’s (e.g. for each bed at a hospital). They are interconnected and can all be managed from one central location.. (Only available with Skype for Business client)

  2. Next go to the IVR Interactive Voice Response, or IVR, is a telephone application to take orders via telephone keypad or voice through a computer. By choosing menu options the caller receives information, without the intervention of a human operator, or will be forwarded to the appropriate Agent. Questions list on SharePoint

  3. (Optional) Back in IVR Questions list, under Callback Queue, change the messages or replace them with audio files

    1. Callback init pre number - Message before phone number, if phone number has been recognized.

    2. Callback init post number - Message after phone number, if phone number has been recognized.

    3. Callback init anonymous - Message if phone number has not been recognized.

    4. Callback enter number - Message for entering phone number.

    5. Callback verify pre number - Message before phone number, after entering phone number.

    6. Callback verify post number - Message after phone number, after phone number.

    7. Callback bye - Message to confirm CallBack.

  4. Add the following setting in the Settings list

    1. CallbackDefaultRegion . - Define the country code for the callback phone number if it is entered by customer. Based on a selectable list of country abbreviations.


      For example "US" or "NL".

    2. EnableCallbackPhoneNumberValidation. - To attempt to validate and correct the number to an E.164 The E.164 phone number format is an international (ITU) standard for dialing telephone numbers on the Public Switched Telephony Network (PSTN). Loosely formulated, only "+" and upto 15 digits (0-9) are allowed For example: +4433221100 (For number notation/display and storage see the E.123 standard) standardized number (will recognize or add the country code, see "CallbackDefaultRegion" above)

    3. EnableCallbackPhoneNumberNormalization. - To enable or disable Microsoft dial plan - phone number normalization when Anywhere365 sends the outbound number to Microsoft phone system.

  5. Return to the IVR Questions.

  6. Add or change an item with the action Callback and also add the Skill. You can use a new Skill or an existing Skill.