On Premises

Install Core

Server Requirements

Before starting make sure the server requirements are met.

Server Requirements



Before starting the installation, make sure the following preparations are taken.



Install SharePoint Template

After the prerequisites the SharePoint Template can be installed.

SharePoint Template Installation


Install the first UCC

After the SharePoint Template the first UCC A Unified Contact Center, or UCC, is a queue of interactions (voice, email, IM, etc.) that are handled by Agents. Each UCC has its own settings, IVR menus and Agents. Agents can belong to one or several UCCs and can have multiple skills (competencies). A UCC can be visualized as a contact center “micro service”. Customers can utilize one UCC (e.g. a global helpdesk), a few UCC’s (e.g. for each department or regional office) or hundreds of UCC’s (e.g. for each bed at a hospital). They are interconnected and can all be managed from one central location. can be installed.

Install First UCC


(Optional) Install extra UCC's

When the first UCC is installed, up and running, a second UCC's might be needed to complete the Callflow.

Install Extra UCC


(Optional)Create extra Endpoints

For some UCC's multiple Endpoints are needed to compete the Callflow

Extra Endpoints


(Optional)Useful (Skype for Business) PowerShell command's

A list of useful PowerShell commands to search and edit Trusted Applications and Trusted Application Endpoints.

Tips and Tricks - PowerShell