On Premises

Introducing Anywhere365

The Anywhere365 suite of products is a complete customer dialogue management application that helps you communicate with clients in ways that suits you both. Until recently, customer “Call Centres” were only expected to manage traditional phone calls. The proliferation of modes of communication made possible by computers and mobile phones provides the convenience of choice but presents a great challenge for managing client communications in an efficient way. The Anywhere365 Dialogue Management solution offers a powerful and scalable solution to your customer communications needs, regardless of how they contact you.

Routing Dialogue to the Right Person. Anytime, Anywhere

Anywhere365 Dialogue Management intelligently routes and manages inbound, outbound and internal communications. In the case of an incoming phone call, for example, Anywhere365 can request user input or automatically identify and associate a call to a client file in your Customer Relations Management (CRM Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, is (usually) a software-based, data management method to deal with interactions with customers and potential customers.) database so that it is routed to the appropriate customer service representative. If the same client sends an SMS message later, it will also automatically be associated with their file, so it is possible to easily access and trace all informational, sales and support communications.

Manage Dialogue

An Anywhere365 Dialogue Management solution can be set up to manage the following communcations:

Remove unnecessary dialogues

Anywhere365 uses sophisticated algorithms to streamline the process of matching a caller to the best agent with the least interactions. To accomplish this we make use of the following:

  • Presence Based Routing Because Anywhere365 is combined with the Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business presence status of call agents is available. This makes it possible to optimize queues by forwarding calls only to those agents that are available. This results in shorter wait times for customers.

  • Device Based Routing Anywhere365 is aware of the client capabilities of an Agent and will behave differently based on the provided functionality. Not all devices or applications are able to interact via voice, video, chat, email, etc. As an example, an Agent using a Skype for Business client on a mobile device will have a different set of capabilities compared to an Agent logged in from a desktop computer with the Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business client. Anywhere365 will automatically recognize the agent’s hardware skill set. For example, is the agent on IP DeskPhone then the agent can only receive audio dialogue.

  • Skill Based Routing Agents are hunted based on their Skill scores. The Agent with the highest score on the required Skill will be selected first. One of the major advantages of Anywhere365 is Skill Based Hunting. This makes it possible to select call agents based on their skills. This means that customers will be connected to only those call agents that are actually able to help them. Learn More

Dialogue Intelligence

A great deal of the management of the dialogue is happening in the background on the server. To give supervisors, agents and administrators insight into the platform, Anywhere365 offers the following Dialogue Intelligence:

  • Real-time The UCC can be monitored real-time using for example the Snapper or the Inflight Wallboard:
  • Historic All dialogue information will be stored in a SQL database, this enabled historic information to be visually displayed.

Where does Anywhere365 fit in?

On a base level Anywhere365 needs:

  • Application Server

  • SharePoint Configuration Site

  • SQL Server

Where these components are located is your choice. Below some example of the possibilities.

Anywhere365 Application Server

Anywhere365 runs on a Skype for Business Application server, in a Skype for Business environment. On which or whose Skype for Business environment that is up to you. Possible models:

  • On Premises Anywhere365 can be deployed on (virtual) hosted or on-premises servers and is fully integrated with hosted or on-premises Skype for Business.

  • Hosted With Anywhere365, organizations can leverage their existing on-premises technology and take advantage of a solution running in the public cloud or a private cloud, as needed.

  • Office365 Cloud PBX Anywhere365 is fully integrated with Office 365 Cloud PBX solution where available for high end contact center and reception functions.

SharePoint Configuration Site

The SharePoint server operates as the graphical interface to facilitate an easy to use operationality and instructs the Core on what to do. The core saves the commands / changes received from the SharePoint server by syncing the database every 10 seconds to keep a local backup of any relevant configurations. This secures operationality for the Anywhere365 environment in case the connectivity between the SharePoint server and the Core are interrupted. Possible models:

  • On Premises Foundation You can run the free SharePoint Foundation on the Application server or on a dedicated server.

  • On Premises Server To use the full potential of SharePoint, you can deploy the configuration on a new or existing SharePoint Server.

  • Online The configuration template is also available for SharePoint Online. Which is available in Office 365.

SQL Server

The SQL Server is used for storing Call Detail Information, which Anywhere365 uses for Reporting and presenting information to the agents and supervisors:

  • Express You can run the free SQL Server Express on the Application server or on a dedicated server.

  • Server To use the full potential of SQL Server, you can deploy an instance on an existing SQL server or e new dedicated server.

  • Azure You can fully host your SQL server in Azure, including Reporting Service.

How is Anywhere365 buildup?

The platform is buildup in element. At a minimum you always needs:

  • Core The Core is the center of Anywhere365. It manages all the Dialogues.

  • SharePoint Configuration Site The SharePoint Template for managing your Unified Contact Center.

You can expand the platform by adding more elements. This can be done before going live or in a later phase. For a complete overview, Learn More