1. Get the latest InterceptorThe Interceptor is a service installed on the Lync / Skype for Business Front End(s). It monitors all the calls going over it. When a call going to or coming from an Agent it will come in to action. By intercepting that call and redirecting it you the Anywhere365, it lets you manage the Direct Inbound and Outbound dialogues of the Agents. install files

    Note Files can be requested at WORKSTREAMPEOPLE and/or Partner

  2. Stop the Interceptor Service

    1. Go to Start, type services.msc and hit Enter

    2. Locate the Anywhere365 SipThe Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a protocol to make multimedia communication (audio, video and other data communication) possible and it is also used for Voice over IP (VoIP). SIP has similarities with other Internet protocols such as HTTP and SMTP. Interceptor Service

    3. Choose Stop

  3. Backup the Interceptor folders

    1. Copy the SipInterceptor folder, which is located in the drive:\Program Files\

    2. Paste the folder on a backup location of your choice

  4. Make sure the .zip package is unblocked.

    1. Right click on the .zip file an choose 'properties'

    2. Then click Unblock and Apply

  5. Unpack the .zip package.

  6. Open PowerShell as administrator.

  7. Navigate to the install files

  8. Run in install.ps1 -Update

  9. The Interceptor is now updated, To make sure, check the log file.

    The script will automatically start the “Anywhere365 Sip Interceptor Service” service