1. Unzip the Report Install file.

  2. (optional) Fill in the "ssrs_config.xml".

  3. Run "ReportsInstallerApp.exe".

  4. Enter the SSRS Service URL (see the Report Service URL in Reporting Services Configuration Manager)

    Tip If you only have the Report Manager URL, replace "Reports", with "Reportserver".

    Example: https://url.domain.com/reports becomes https://url.domain.com/reportserver

  5. (optional) Give the folder a name, default is Anywhere365.

  6. Open the Report Manager URL and navigate to the new folder.

  7. Open the data-source "Anywhere365DS"

  8. Enter the correct Connection String (can be copied from the UCC settings page), enter the credentials and make sure that you have checked the 'Use as Windows credentials when connecting to the data source'. When ready, hit OK.

    Note that the credentials need to be DB Owner of the database.