Dialogue Cloud

Getting started as Supervisor


As a supervisor you have access to a set of applications to help you in your daily operations. As a minimum you always have a Microsoft Teams client. This can be expanded with a realtime dashboard in the form of the Snapper or Inflight Wallboard.

Managing the dialogue

During a dialogue you have a possibility of listening, whispering, talking or taking over an active conversations. This can be done by using the GUI of the Snapper or WebAgent .

Managing agents

As a supervisor you have multiple options to influence your agents. You can manage them from the settings site. On the SharePoint settings site you can add or remove agents and change their priority in the queue, using Skill scores.

Outside a dialogue

When you are not available for dialogue you can set a reason code. This will inform you colleagues and supervisor what you are doing. This can be set using the GUI of the Snapper or WebAgent.