Dialogue Cloud

Getting Started Introduction

What is Anywhere365?

Anywhere365 is the name of the platform. It is a contact center solution on native Microsoft. Anywhere365 provides many features that help companies manage their communication flows within their organization, both outbound (from company to client) and inbound (from client to company).

The product uses UCC's, which stands for Unified Contact Center. In a UCC you can configure features like Audio, Chat, WebChat, Business Hours, Interactive Voice Response, Number based routing and much more.


What does Anywhere365 do?

Simply said Anywhere365 distributes the right communication to the right person, at the right time regardless of location.


Manage Dialogue

The right communication depends on which direction the dialogue is going.

  • Inbound dialogue is when a customer contacts the UCC:

  • Outbound dialogue is when an agent contacts the customer / colleague.

  • Direct dialogue is when a customer / colleague contact the agent directly.


Remove unnecessary dialogues

To get the right person and reduce unnecessary dialogue we use the following features:


Dialogue Intelligence

A great deal of the management of the dialogue is happening in the background on the server. To give supervisors, agents and administrators insight into the platform, Anywhere365 offers the following Dialogue Intelligence:

  • Real-time The UCC can be monitored real-time using for example the Inflight Snapper or the Inflight Wallboard:


  • Historic All dialogue information will be stored in a SQL database, this enabled historic information to be visually displayed.