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Update older versions of Core

If you are using an old Core version (more than two years old), then the operating system of the Anywhere365 server has probably also reached its end of life.

The update approach in this case is a side-by-side migration to a new Anywhere365 server and SharePoint site collection. This approach minimizes the risks and provides a rollback.

  • Add a new Anywhere365 server to the Skype for Business topology (requires a new license key). If you have an enterprise trusted application pool, you can add the new server to this pool. If not you have to create a new trusted application pool and add the server to this new pool.
  • Create a new site collection in SharePoint and create new sites, using the UCC Creator.
  • Use CopySettings script to backup and the restore the content of the current SharePoint sites to the new site collection. Use retention policies together with the Retention Policy Web job, to remove old items in the lists.
  • Migrate the SharePoint permission with your own tooling or manually.
  • Modify the config.xml and add the UCC’s to the file and use the new SharePoint site collection.
  • For plugins and prompt, validate if they support the latest Core.
  • Depending or your topology choose one of the following two options: