Dialogue Cloud

Dialogue Cloud Architecture Overview: All Building-blocks


This overview represents all possible architecture building-blocks used by Anywhere365 in Dialogue Cloud. Various building-blocks can (or need) to be combined to achieve a specific functionality. Some building-blocks may require an additional Anywhere365 add-on license before they get installed or configured. Other building-blocks are 3rd party products with which Anywhere365 can connect to attain a full Anywhere365 Dialogue experience. These 3rd party products may require their own license and/or consume other cost and resources outside the scope of Anywhere365 license(s).

Which building-blocks are needed and how they interact for a selection of scenarios is shown in the Scenario pages, Learn More

The dotted line between the left hand column and the two columns on the right is the demarcation line for maintenance responsibility of the building blocks therein.

  • The left hand column shows all possible building blocks owned by a customer (or delegated to a partner).
    The customer (or partner) is responsible for its maintenance.

  • The middle column shows all building blocks which are publicly accessible and of which only one instance exists.
    Anywhere365 is responsible for its maintenance.

  • The right hand column shows all building blocks of which multiple (parallel) instances exist, most of which are only accessible internally with the exception of several required public facing webservices*.
    Anywhere365 is responsible for its maintenance.