Example configuration Microsoft Power Automate for Quality Management Score Alert


This example shows you how you can use Microsoft Power AutomatePower Automate (previously named Microsoft Flow) is a cloud based solution that enables you to create intelligent automations using secure and automated workflows. to create your own specific alerts.



Configure Quality Monitoring

On the UCCUCC stands for Unified Contact Center and consists of a queue that can be handled by Agents. Each UCC has its own settings, interactive voice response questions and Agents with specific skills. Agents can be member of, or sign up to, one or more UCCs. Configuration page on SharePoint, enable WriteSummaryToSharePoint and UseQualityMonitor. This will include Quality management score in the CallSummary list.

Configure your Quality management question:

(Optionally) enable the Retention Policy


Create a Microsoft Power Automate Flow

  1. Download and open Microsoft Power Automate from Appstore

  2. Tap the “Flows” key

  3. Tap Create from Blank

  4. Select Trigger: SharePoint, When an item is created

  5. Under “Site Address” enter the site name of the UCC configuration page. Connection should be made with the credentials that can read the page

  6. Select the “List Name” drop down menu

  7. Select “CallSummary” and tap Done

  8. Tap “+ New step” and “Add a condition”

  9. Build a Condition, like:

    1. QualityMonitor

    2. Is less than or equal to

    3. 5

  10. Next under “If yes” tap “Add and Action”

  11. Select “Notifications: Send me a mobile notification”

  12. Enter a “Text” you want to send as message and optionally a link directly to the CallSummary list:

    1. A Quality score of 5 or lower has been given

    2. Direct URL to CallSummary list

    3. Go directly to CallSummary List

  13. Enter a “Flow name” and tap “Create”

  14. Tap “Done”


Edit a Microsoft Power Automate Flow

  1. When you tap your flows you can edit or “Enable/disable the flow



  1. When a Quality Score of 5 or lower is left, a phone alert is given

  2. With a direct hyperlink configured this will redirect to the CallSummary list in the default mobile browser

  3. The CallSummary list will show caller, score and agent details