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Microsoft Power Automate as alternative for Anywhere365 Library Retention Policy

Time to execute, approx: 5 minutes

Microsoft Power Automate can be used to manage the retention limits of older files in your UCC A Unified Contact Center, or UCC, is a queue of interactions (voice, email, IM, etc.) that are handled by Agents. Each UCC has its own settings, IVR menus and Agents. Agents can belong to one or several UCCs and can have multiple skills (competencies). A UCC can be visualized as a contact center “micro service”. Customers can utilize one UCC (e.g. a global helpdesk), a few UCC’s (e.g. for each department or regional office) or hundreds of UCC’s (e.g. for each bed at a hospital). They are interconnected and can all be managed from one central location. libraries. As a replacement for Anywhere365’s Legacy Retention Policy menu to clean up old files, Power Automate is capable to do the exact same thing and more. It can, for example, be tailored to suit your more specific needs (copy or send files, move to archive or Blob storage) to deliver the best possible solution to your company or customers.


This example Power Automate will delete files from the Recordings library (not folders and subfolders) if they are older than 30 days.


Creating this Power Automate is a three step process

 Tip: Step 3 alternative: It is possible, for example, before the delete files action to include a Copy Files to Blob Storage step (Learn more - Microsoft) if you need to maintain recordings over a longer period but would like or need to store them in the lower cost (but slower to access) Azure Blob Storage (Hot or Cool tier), or the even the lowest cost Azure Blob Archive tier.
For more information on Hot, Cool or Archive tiers see Microsoft - access-tiers-overview

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